what is VIS?

I once thought coaching was, in the words of a friend, “a mix between CrossFit and voodoo, a trendy, magical, secretive thing.” After having been called a “good coach” in my corporate managerial roles, I researched and discovered that coaching is indeed magical, but certainly not in the way I had perceived it. Instead, I saw in coaching Galileo’s comment, paraphrased, that “You cannot teach people anything; you can only help them find the answers within themselves.”

But how?  I came across three concepts that serve as the foundation of my approach.

Values = What you want
= What you think and how you feel
Storytelling = How you internalize your values and what you share with others

Underlying these concepts is my approach. 

With you at the center of the coaching engagement, we begin with Introspection, the process around which your values and stories revolve. Here, you’ll learn how to pay attention to what you think, how you feel, and what you do. It seems simple, but don’t underestimate both its difficulty and its importance in helping you identify and achieve what you want. With introspection, we discover your current values as well as the stories you tell yourself and others. 

Next come your Values; not the ones you are living, but the ones you want to live. The question, “What do you want?” can seem tricky to answer. There is a simple question that you can use as a proxy, “How do you spend your time?” Sometimes, people live outdated values they were taught by parents, grandparents, teachers, or friends. And sometimes, people live the values they say they want. What many people haven’t identified, however, is why they want what they want. Through introspection, we identify both your what and your why so that you can be deliberate about what you value at any given point in time. 

You are practicing introspection AND you know what you value and why. You’re all set, right? Not quite. There’s no context, no progression, and no connection to others. That’s where your Story comes in. By arranging your values into a narrative, you create a structure for those around you to relate to your journey. You connect with them. Through storytelling, we build a compelling tale for each audience with whom you interact ensuring that you can achieve more and get what you want.