“David’s coaching is transformational. He met me at a tough crossroads in my professional career: some of my past managers had been terrible, my work felt uninspiring, and I felt unable to dig myself out of the funk. He helped focus me on the aspects of my job that played to my strengths–things I naturally had a passion for–and unblocked me where he could. After a few months working with him, I felt clear-minded about what I wanted to accomplish in the short term and empowered to plan proactively about future endeavors.”


“David Klemenz is a highly intuitive, warm-hearted and engaged coach. I now feel more engaged in my relationships and at work, which has opened many doors for me and has brought incredible improvements and more overall satisfaction into my life. His ability and wisdom to summarise and connect the dots are impeccable and spot on. David guides and supports with calmness and strength, which has allowed me to feel safe and fully at ease in our sessions. I highly recommend working with David!”


“David has approached our working relationship in unique ways that have allowed me to grow and mature in my role and as a person. It has been instrumental in setting me up for success in my career. He’s not afraid to challenge and push on things you say or do in a thoughtful way that allows a great process of self discovery all the while guiding you through that journey.”


“David is empathetic, a genuine and heartfelt listener, and a coach that empowers you to be able to understand yourself. It’s not the subject matter or anything else, but David’s genuine ability to help you unlock yourself that makes him a rare and effective coach. He seeks to understand with patience and without judgment. He acts as a gentle mirror, helping you find the answer that feels both authentic and actionable for you and one that moves you in the direction you are seeking to go.”


“As someone who is familiar with coaching personally (both having coached and been coached), I can say confidently that David is on another level. He has a rare ability to connect the dots, ask the right (and often tough) questions no one else has thought to ask, and identify / unearth mental models and assumptions that often get in the way of growth. He is thoughtful, intuitive, and a huge asset to anyone looking to reach a deeper understanding of themselves and overcome roadblocks and limitations (whether self-imposed or otherwise). I always look forward to my sessions with David and walk away feeling energized, focused, and clear on what steps I need to take next. I would (and have already) recommended David to anyone who wants to reach the next level professionally and personally.”


“David’s ability to actively listen, ask the right (oftentimes difficult) questions, and build trust provided me countless “lightbulb moments” which allowed me to mature as a people leader and better support my team. I would not feel as competent or confident as a leader without the coaching I received from David.”