The value I’ve gotten out of David’s coaching is extraordinary. We had two primary modes of engagement: David helped me do a Hogan assessment, which is a type of personality assessment, and we did an hour-long coaching session once a month to talk about anything that was on my mind. The best thing about these sessions was that I’d come in with some kind of mental block (e.g., “I feel like I add no value to managers that report to me and are more senior than I am,” “I feel frustrated with a particular coworker and stuck, unable to move forward”) and walk out with a clear path forward, including – my favorite part – homework that I would assign myself with David’s guidance that would help me make progress immediately. David is a kind and astute listener, able to pick out patterns from what you’re talking about and present them back to you in an unassuming manner. Observation doesn’t sound right? adjust it to your own understanding (90% of the things he’d pick up on were spot on). I’ve also always had a feeling that his only agenda in these sessions was to help me through whatever I needed help with – he had my back, which made it very easy to talk about anything openly.

― Olga N