David is a fantastic thought partner in all manner of life transitions. He and I worked together on career definition and change, which ran headlong into life change. David was empathetic and thoughtful through it all, but above all, he really pushed me to better understand myself and what I wanted for the next phase of my life.

Katie C

David is an excellent coach who really matched my style and expectations. I started every session assuming I was in over my head with current concerns, and he would always help guide me to the answers I already had inside me. He was clear about when he was coaching and ask for permission if he ever offered advice or specific feedback. The clarity on when he’s helping me find things myself and when he’s offering help from his experience was a great way to ensure the bulk of the solutions were coming from me, while offering me extra help when I wanted it.

Bob S

David is your professional life raft. He helped me verbalize and embrace the challenges I was facing in a high intensity executive position, and navigate tricky personnel issues. He is direct and kind, and saw me as a whole person in order to help me gain more confidence and be a stronger leader.

Kev C

David’s coaching has had a profound impact on my personal and professional growth. He’s an incredible listener who offers heartfelt and actionable advice. David helped me better understand what I knew I needed to address, but was struggling to accept.

Camelia M

David is an incredible coach. What struck me from our first meeting was his thoughtfulness, natural curiosity, and willingness to listen. We began working together because I was looking for someone to teach me the foundations of how to be an effective leader. During meetings, we worked on building helpful daily habits and refined strategies for my long term goals. Throughout this process, David exposed me to new ways of thinking and helped me clarify my ideas in a way that led to sustainable and lasting results. He was particularly good at encouraging me to think for myself. If you’re looking to work with a deeply insightful person who can help you become the best version of yourself, I’d highly recommend working with David.

Sierra C

Working with David has changed my life. I came to him eager to figure out how to prioritize my time and energy in order to maximize my personal happiness. From day one, I knew this would be a fruitful journey. David has this incredible ability to listen, and to reflect back what he hears in ways that so deeply resonate, which stimulated healthy conversations that allowed me to break down barriers. He helped equip me with various tools to handle tough situations when they arise, and held me accountable, checking in regularly to see how I was doing. I no longer feel like I have to “accept” the status quo, but rather feel empowered to create the path I want for myself. We talked through a range of topics, from work to family to independence and fears. And I left every single one of our conversations grateful to have him as a partner. David is truly incredible, and I can not recommend him enough.

Genna S

The value I’ve gotten out of David’s coaching is extraordinary. We had two primary modes of engagement: David helped me do a Hogan assessment, which is a type of personality assessment, and we did an hour-long coaching session once a month to talk about anything that was on my mind. The best thing about these sessions was that I’d come in with some kind of mental block (e.g., “I feel like I add no value to managers that report to me and are more senior than I am,” “I feel frustrated with a particular coworker and stuck, unable to move forward”) and walk out with a clear path forward, including – my favorite part – homework that I would assign myself with David’s guidance that would help me make progress immediately. David is a kind and astute listener, able to pick out patterns from what you’re talking about and present them back to you in an unassuming manner. Observation doesn’t sound right? adjust it to your own understanding (90% of the things he’d pick up on were spot on). I’ve also always had a feeling that his only agenda in these sessions was to help me through whatever I needed help with – he had my back, which made it very easy to talk about anything openly.

Olga N

You cannot teach intuition and you cannot buy compassion. These are skills that make David Klemenz such an effective life coach. When I started with David, I was at a crossroads, but I didn’t know it. I knew I was unhappy in my life and I knew I needed change, but I did not know where to start. Among other helpful conversations, after my first few sessions with David he said something very pointed to me, he told me it sounded like I really did not like my job, which I had not openly admitted to him, anyone else, or even myself. We discussed this in detail and he never told me to quit or that I should consider it, but he did ask the right questions to allow me to explore my options and understand my own desires. I’m now in the process of switching careers and am so much happier in my life. David is thoughtful and a pleasure to speak with, but most importantly, it is obvious that this is not just a job to him and that he genuinely and wholeheartedly cares about your wellbeing. I am very grateful and would absolutely recommend David to anyone who is looking for big or small changes in life, help with improving a character defect that you think you might have, or someone who just knows their life can be better but does not know how to start the process, that is exactly what David is there for.

Nick C

Working with David has transformed my life, both professionally and personally. His innate abilities to truly listen and read between the lines have helped me understand me better – yes, that’s right! Because David has supported through unlocking my strengths, weaknesses, passions, doubts, and many more – I am now able to effectively navigate my career (and life) with confidence. His style is unique, unlike any other coach/guide I have worked with in the past because there’s accountability involved. The bulk of your work is done between sessions, and David will help you ensure that you are focusing on that.

Lorena V

The experience of being coached by David has been the highlight of my year. He has surfaced that I was afraid to envision possibilities beyond the immediate situation and that I tend to see situations in black and white. Even though I could argue both sides of the issue I felt stuck and not able to move forward. We worked together to dust up my intuition and integrate feelings into a decision making process. David has encouraged me to go beyond my black and white thinking and see situations more holistically. The outcome of our time together has been a clear understanding of the next step in my career, which I was able to make just a few months after our conversations, as well as a sense of more possibilities in life.

Yulia S