career coaching

“Good work, done well for the right reasons and with an end in mind, has always been a sign, in most human traditions, of an inner and outer maturity.”

David Whyte, Crossing the Unknown Sea

What is the good work that you want to do? 

Whether you’re “stuck” in your current role with no way forward or searching for your next role with little to no success, I’ll act as a partner and guide who helps you find the good work that you want to do well and for the right reasons.

We’ll use the VIS framework, practicing Introspection to bring awareness to those thinking patterns that hold you back, defining what you Value most in all aspects of your life, and telling your Story, first to yourself, and then to family, friends, acquaintances, recruiters, hiring managers, and anyone else who can help you get to that next role.

This is for you if

  • You feel stuck in your current role
  • You know you want to try another career, but you don’t know what that looks like
  • You have a dream job but it doesn’t seem feasible
  • You’re told that you need to improve your executive presence
  • You’re told that you need to speak up more
  • You feel like you’re “behind” in your career
  • You have hit a plateau and can’t seem to progress to the next level

This isn’t for you if

  • You’re seeking a consultant who will tell you what jobs you should seek and take
  • You’re disinterested in learning and growing
  • You think coaching happens exclusively during our sessions (the majority of coaching happens between our sessions as you attempt the homework that you assign yourself)
  • You’re seeking a therapist or counselor to heal the wounds of your past or to address a chronic situation like depression

1:1 coaching

Introductory Conversation: We start with a 45-minute conversation to understand where you are and what you’re seeking from coaching. I’ll also explain more about how I coach and provide the following logistics about how we can work together.

Introductory Coaching Session ($150) – Before you make any longer term commitments, I want you to know what it feels like to be coached by me. If we have rapport and you wish to continue, you can choose either the monthly subscription or one of the packages below.

Monthly Subscription ($300 per month): This model creates a cadence of accountability for yourself while also giving the flexibility to start and stop when you want.

  • 1 60-minute session or 2 30-minute sessions per month for at least 3 months
  • Regular support*

Package 1 – The nudge ($2925): You generally know what you want, and you want someone to help nudge you in that direction.

  • 1 Hogan Assessment^
  • 1 60-minute session per month for 6 months (let me know if you wish to meet more often)
  • Regular support*

Package 2 – The overhaul ($4500): You feel lost or stuck with no idea how to proceed.

  • 1 Hogan Assessment^
  • 1 60-minute session per month for 12 months (let me know if you wish to meet more often)
  • Regular support*

Ad Hoc Coaching – $350

  • This allows you to work with me on a session by session basis. You will receive a 60-minute session and a monthly check-in.

^Hogan Assessment ($1000 if not part of a package): Together we’ll review the Hogan Assessment results which provides insight into how people experience you. Whether or not you proceed with a full coaching partnership, the realizations that you’ll gain from the assessments and debrief will change the way you view your world. See more about the Hogan Assessment here.

*Regular support includes the following:

  • Assigned homework at the end of each coaching session – Coaching sessions plant seeds. What happens in between the sessions is what makes those seeds grow. You will assign yourself homework at the end of each session. I’ll follow up on that homework between sessions, and we’ll review that homework within the following session.
  • Support between sessions – I will check in with you via email every 7-10 business days. I will respond to your email or text within 1-2 business days.
  • Reflection session after every 3 months – After every 3 months (as long as you have attended at least 3 sessions), I will tell you the story of your evolution from my perspective using the notes I take during our sessions as well as the correspondence between sessions. This provides you a glimpse into the changes you have created for yourself during the coaching relationship.

additional services

For additional services including group coaching, leadership development curriculum, team building, career workshops, and speaking engagements please contact me for additional information.