who I am

I’m David, a professional certified career and leadership coach. 

As a coach, I am a listener who wants to learn about you, namely about what you value and how you want to lead your life. I am a challenger who asks questions thus helping you reframe your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I am a connector who helps you weave together powerful stories that engage everyone around you. 

Before I started coaching, I worked in the corporate world for nearly 20 years. I led teams and coached individuals within financial services institutions, large and small, and in technology startups that experienced rapid growth during my tenure. Across these companies, my roles have included project/program manager, director of information technology, process owner, professional services director, head of learning and development, and human resources business partner.

When I’m not coaching, I enjoy reading fantastical novels, listening to podcasts like All Songs Considered and 99% Invisible, finding – and eating – good burgers, walking around lakes, and writing creative fiction with multi-hued pens on graph paper.

what I do

I work with people who are at a career crossroads or who are stepping into leadership positions. I use a framework focused on practicing introspection, defining and living your values, and telling your story. During sessions, I act as a gentle mirror, replaying both what I hear you say aloud and what I hear you say between the words. I’ll provide mental models and frameworks that help you organize your thoughts. Over time, I make connections to past conversations, helping you understand the habits and thought patterns that interweave through your stories. Between sessions, I act as an accountability partner, a resource provider (articles, books, podcasts, etc.), and a cheerleader to help nurture and cultivate those seeds planted within our sessions.