I want my team members to be productive

Coaching prompts: Real accounts from coaching sessions

Illustration by Kiry Luc

Coachee: We were recently told that it’s mandatory for everyone to work from home for the foreseeable future. I just became the manager of a team of people who usually come into the office. There are a few remote employees, but most are on the ground with me. I have no idea how to make sure that everyone is doing their job. What do I do?

Coach: What do you really want?

Coachee: I want to be sure that the team members are as productive and effective as possible.

Additional Questions:

  • How have you ensured that remote team members remain productive and effective in the past?
  • What techniques have you used to stay productive while working from home?
  • What concerns you most about your team working remotely? What are some ways to mitigate those concerns?

David’s Final Thought: Trust your team to deliver. If an employee doesn’t seem to be as productive or effective, be curious and ask honest, open questions to determine the underlying reasons.

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