I want to help my team be successful

Coaching prompts: Real accounts from coaching sessions

Illustration by Kiry Luc

Coachee: I’ve just become a manager of managers after hiring a manager to work for me. I feel like I’m winging it. I’m just managing the same way I did when I was a frontline manager, i.e. with openness and transparency, but I don’t know if that’s right or wrong. I could use some advice.

Coach: What do you really want?

Coachee: To help the team, and the new manager specifically, be successful.

Additional Questions:

  • What did you most appreciate about your boss’ approach when you first became a frontline manager? What did you not appreciate about your boss’ approach?
  • How do you want your team to behave?
  • Imagine that it is 1 year from now and the team has self-destructed (however you wish to define that). What are some reasons it has? Where do you want to focus your attention based on those reasons?

David’s Final Thought: As a team grows, be deliberate about who communicates what and when to whom.

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