I want to feel good physically

Coaching prompts: Real accounts from coaching sessions

Illustration by Kiry Luc

Coachee: Everything is going great. I’m spending time with my family. I see a light at the end of the tunnel with my projects at home. On the work side, all the travel I’ve been doing seems to be paying off as the customers seem to be happy. The only thing I’m struggling with is food and exercise. I’m eating way too much bad food, and I’m not doing enough exercise. So, I’m putting on weight, which doesn’t feel good. But I don’t have the time to plan my meals or go to the gym. I just need to be more disciplined.

Coach: What do you really want?

Coachee: I want to feel good about what I’m eating and how I’m staying active.

Additional Questions:

  • How would you characterize your relationship with food? With exercise?
  • How does eating bad food and not doing enough exercise serve you?
  • What would it look like for you to be more disciplined?

David’s Final Thought: The relationship we have with food is as old as we are. And it is often as complex as any other relationship we have. Before taking action to address the symptoms, pay attention to the relationship.

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